HPV 101: All you want to know.

What is HPV? HPV stands for human papillomavirus.  It is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the US.  Annually, about 14 million new genital HPV infections occur, and nearly all sexually active men and women will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives. How many HPV types are there? There are more than 200 known HPV types, and many more are presently uncharacterized, especially in the oral cavity.  HPV types are classified as cutaneous or mucosal...

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HPV-associated Oral Cancer: On the rise when it is preventable.


The incidence of oral cancer in the US is increasing.  Oral cancer cases have increased about 15% in the past three decades and this increase is mainly caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. While oral cancer caused by traditional risk factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption has decreased by 30%, HPV-associated oral cancer has increased by 700%. Put in context that we can relate to: one person in the US dies every hour of the day from oral cancer. ...

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Fidalab’s message at the ADA: HPV-associated oral cancer best caught early.


Briway Seattle/ Fidalab attended the American Dental Association (ADA) in October 21-23, 2016, in Denver, CO to introduce their first product offering to the dental community. The Annual Meeting of the ADA attracts more than 13,000 attendees. The Fidalab team, included co-founders Cheng Xie and Dr. Qinghua Feng PhD, Blake Crockett, and Deborah Drake who spent time at the exhibition engaging with attendees and showcasing the Oral Rinse Collection Kit. Dentists, hygienists, and allied staff alike showed curiosity and support...

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Oral Cancer Foundation’s 4th Annual Walk for Awareness: Celebrating survivors and championing early detection screenings.

The Oral Cancer Foundation’s 4th Annual Walk for Awareness took place at Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland, bright and early October 1, 2016 and Fidalab was there as a contributing sponsor--in the name of raising funds to support advocacy, research, and survivors of oral cancer.. The weather cooperated, the early morning rain was light and the skies cleared by walk time, for a determined group of sponsors, dentists, hygienists, oral cancer survivors, friends, and family. Oral Cancer Foundation’s very own Ingrid Hill was in...

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