About the Test

What is our HPV test?

Our HPV test is real-time PCR-based Taqman assay to detect the presence of HPV DNA.  It has the sensitivity to detect 10 viral copies in the amplification reaction. The use of a Taqman probe improves specificity and avoids detection of non-oncogenic HPV types.

How is our HPV test different from the currently existing assay on the market?

Currently, there is only one company offering a non-invasive oral HPV test on the market.  It uses regular PCR coupled with restriction digest and gel electrophoresis for genotyping. Compared to this method, our test offers better sensitivity and specificity, thus better overall accuracy.

What is our test process and turnaround time?

Our process is simple and results are returned promptly. Oral sample collection is through gargling with Scope mouthwash solution, which is non-invasive. We offer clear and informative data interpretation.

What is our HPV test false negative rate?

Because of our assay setup, the false negative rate is non-existent because we incorporate a control to determine sample input.

Can our test help prevent oral cancer?

Oral HPV screening can help detect persistent oral HPV infection, which is the first step in HPV-associated oral cancer development.  Through enhanced patient surveillance, precancerous lesions can be detected and treated, ultimately reducing the incidence of oral HPV-associated oral cancer.