Origin of "Fidalab", our mission, and our services.

About Fidalab


Fidalab/ Briway Seattle is a privately owned CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic company in Seattle, WA, specializing in DNA-based molecular testing. The name “Fida” comes from latin meaning faithful, loyal. and trusting.

Our Services

Dental Field: We offer an oral HPV ¬†test, which is employed to augment current annual visual oral cancer screening. Our cariogenic bacteria test identifies individuals who are at increased risk of developing dental cavities. Our periodontal bacteria test not only assists clinical management of periodontal disease, but also accesses individual’s risk of systemic diseases. Our special blend of high-quality probiotics is developed to improve your oral and dental health and ultimately improve your overall health.


Medical Field: We offer comprehensive diagnostic services towards women’s health, including Pathology, HPV testing, and genotyping, molecular STI screening, vaginosis panel, and urinary tract infection detection. We offer specially designed probiotics to promote health in diseases associated with imbalance of normal microbiota.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by assisting healthcare providers to achieve accurate and timely diagnosis and by identifying at risk individuals for various diseases for closer surveillance, prevention, and early intervention with our tests, which employ cutting edge technologies.