Are oral probiotics the same as gut probiotics?

Oral probiotics are not the same as gut probiotics. Different bacterial strains are used to form oral probiotics, and oral probiotics need to stay in the oral cavity to function.

Will probiotics provide instant relief of my symptoms?

It will take several weeks before you see improvement of symptoms.

Are oral probiotics safe for everyone?

Oral probiotics are safe for healthy people. Individuals with underlying weakened immune systems should consult with their primary care physician before taking probiotics.

Who should not take oral probiotics?

If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication, seek advice from you primary care physician before taking oral probiotics.

Can probiotics replace standard periodontal treatment?

Oral probiotics should not be used to replace scaling and root planning (SRP) for periodontitis. Oral probiotics can be used to complement SRP to maintain remission of periodontitis.

How do i choose the right brand of probiotics?

You can either do your own research or consult with your dental providers.

When is the best time to take oral probiotics?

It is best to take oral probiotics after brushing teeth/flossing/mouth rinse and before going to bed.