"FidaLab has taken modern technology and customer service to the next level. I have been so impressed with their ability to adapt to the needs of the company I work with, they truly have exceeded every expectation. We have experienced fast turnaround times, and reports that actually help with targeted treatment. If your aim is to provide the best for those whom you serve, use FidaLab!"
Jaclyn H.
Registered Nurse
"FidaLab has been amazing to work with and the communication is phenomenal. They have a  speedy process, a portal to monitor and track, not to mention the delivery for the supplies and pick up for labs! I couldn’t ask for a better program to be apart of. Thank you Fidalab for all that you do and for making things that much smoother for our team!"
Sara A.
Health and Wellness Director
"Ever since using the FidaLab UTI test I have so much more time to work directly with my residents. I no longer have to worry about when or if the UTI lab report came in because the FidaLab results come automatically by fax and their online portal the very next day. I even get an email notification when the results are in! Also, I really appreciate the high sensitive and accurate nature of the test and the fact that they check for antibiotic resistance at the same time. Our residents' physicians are very impressed with the detailed report and I think that by better analyzing the results we can all work towards better patient outcomes, antibiotic stewardship and keep our residents out of the hospital."
Katie W.