About Our Oral HPV Test

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It's Easy

We only need a 30 second, noninvasive oral rinse sample to detect oral HPV infection.

It's Accurate

Sensitive: Detects 10 copies of HPV per reaction.

Specific: Detects HPV 16 and HPV 18, the main HPV types associated with oral cancer; no cross reactivity against other HPV types.

Quantitative: Measures HPV viral load, facilitates follow up.

It's Quick

Our turnaround time is 5-10 business days. Oral HPV test augments visual oral cancer screening.

What Is FidaLab's Oral HPV Test?

Our HPV test is real-time PCR-based Taqman assay to detect the presence of HPV DNA. The use of a Taqman probe improves specificity and avoids detection of non-oncogenic HPV types.

How Is Our Test Different?

Currently, there is only one other company offering a non-invasive oral HPV test on the market. However, it only uses a regular PCR coupled with restriction digest and gel electrophoresis for genotyping. Compared to this method, our test offers better sensitivity and specificity, thus better overall accuracy.

What is Our Test Process?



Gargle with Scope Mouthwash Solution


Receive your Results with Informative Data

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of our assay setup, the false-negative rate is non-existent because we incorporate a control to determine sample input.

Everyone over the age of 18 should be screened annually.

If you test positive for oral HPV you might have an increased risk of developing HPV-associated oral cancer. Your dentist should carefully perform a visual oral cancer screening to rule out the presence of any potential precancerous lesions. You should also perform a follow-up oral HPV screening test in 6 months, to determine whether the HPV infection persists or has cleared.

If you test negative for Oral HPV, you do not have an increased risk of developing oral cancer. However you should still do an annual visual oral cancer screening through your dentist and continue to do an annual oral HPV screening.
  • People who engage in risky sexual behaviors are at an increased risk of having persistent HPV infection
    • Early age of sexual activity
    • Increased number of lifetime sexual partners
    • Unprotected sex and sexual contact
  • People who have weakened immune systems are at an increased risk of having persistent HPV infection
    • Tobacco smoking
    • Immunosuppression
  • People with certain genetic predisposition are at an increased risk of having persistent HPV infection
    • Family history of persistent genital HPV infection and cervical lesions

Although most of us with a healthy immune system can clear HPV infection within 6-24 months, HPV virus can remain latent in our body for many years. These dormant HPV viruses can strike back when our immune system is weakened. These reactivated HPV infections are indistinguishable from newly acquired HPV infections.

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Dentists and dental hygienists are the first line of defense in preventing oral cancer. An annual oral cancer screening is vital. However, HPV-associated oral cancers tend to occur in the back of the mouth, making them hard to detect by visual observation alone. A dental professional cannot see HPV, they cannot feel HPV, but now they can screen for HPV with a simple 30-second non invasive mouth rinse from Fidalab!

Our HPV assay is quantitative and type-specific. It detects HPV 16 and HPV 18, the two HPV types proven to be associated with oropharyngeal cancer. Our assay provides high sensitivity and specificity, with high reproducibility and precision. Our sales team is ready to partner with you to implement this important screening test in your dental clinic. We provide marketing support, free staff training, patient consultation and more.