Upper Respiratory Infection Test Panel

Our Upper Respiratory Test Panel

  • Bordetella (PAN)
  • Chlamydophila Pneumoniae
  • Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
  • Adenovirus 1/2
  • Adenovirus 2/2
  • Coronavirus HKU1
  • Coronavirus NL63
  • Coronavirus 229E
  • Coronavirus OC43
  • Human Metapneumovirus
  • Rhinovirus 1, 2
  • Enterovirus
  • Enterovirus D68
  • Influenza A (PAN)
  • Influenza A/H1-2009
  • Influenza A/H3
  • Influenza B
  • Parainfluenza 1
  • Parainfluenza 2
  • Parainfluenza 3
  • Parainfluenza 4
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus A
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus B

Our Upper Respiratory Test Services

Gold Standard Testing

FidaLab Uses Real-Time PCR Technology, the Gold Standard Testing Method

Client Services Team

Enthusiastic client services team offering individualized client support.

Next Day Results

Because we use PCR technology, results are available next business day.

Online Portal

HIPAA Compliant Fax and Secure Portal Available for Results and Ordering Supplies.

Specimen Pick-Up

Specimen Pick-Up for Seattle Area Clients and FedEx Shipping for Others

Why You Should Choose Panel Testing

Panel testing is a lab procedure that involves a series of tests performed on one specimen, usually related to a single condition or disease, or for differential diagnosis.

Timely identification of causative pathogens

Apply appropriate antiviral agent

Direct proper infection prevention protocols

Avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatment

Help prevent secondary spread

Decrease hospital admission or shorten hospital stay